Major upgrade to our BIOcycle Organics Processing Facility

Major upgrades to our BIOcycle organics processing facility at the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre will take place between now and mid-2016.

Council received $350,000 from the NSW Government, which will match dollar for dollar.

The new facility will be able to process an additional 4,600 tonnes of food and garden waste per annum, bringing the total to 14,600 tonnes. This increased capacity will be achieved through supply from two neighboring councils, as well as the introduction of a kerbside organics services to 1500 residents in our rural villages.

A new technology to process the organics will also be installed. Developed in Germany, it is called a Mobile Aerated Floor (MAF) and aerates the compost through a system of pipes underneath the compost piles, reducing the need to turn them. The MAF will halve the existing 16-20 week composting process and reduce fuel costs as well as enable more organics to be processed for sale. Other benefits of the new technology include reduced electricity and water usage.

Since gaining organic certification from Australian Organic in November 2014, the demand has increased for our compost and mulch products, with farmers and producers across the Northern Rivers using compost and mulch for certified organic agriculture. The expansion will allow this market to grow further.

We are also hoping to install a new bagging unit to better meet the needs of urban backyard gardeners. Bagging will allow Council to sell small bags of compost to the many local residents who visit the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre but don’t have a trailer or want large quantities.

We are very proud to say we have closed the loop entirely on the local organics system with all food and garden waste collected in the Lismore Local Government Area going back into our farms and gardens.