Buy eco-friendly products from our Save n Waste Recycle Store

In a throwaway society full of waste, it feels good to purchase products you know are kind on the environment.

Our Save n Waste Recycle Store is full of eco-friendly household items for your own home, as well as groovy, sustainable products that make excellent, guilt-free gifts.

The range of products is amazing – from the ever-popular compost caddies and biobags, which keep your kitchen odour and mess-free, to compostable Gently nappies, biodegradable bin liners and reusable drink bottles. As well as these clever and useful household items, there are plenty of other products that make great presents for your loved ones.

Our cute mini wheelie bins are an absolute hit with the kids or choose from a funky reusable coffee cup or eco-silk shopping bag, available in all shades of the rainbow.

The Save n Waste Recycle Store is located at two locations:

  • within SHOPBABY at 126 Woodlark Street, Lismore
  • within the Lismore Revolve Shop 313 Wyrallah Road, East Lismore

For a full list of products and prices see our price list below.

Product Price Product Price
Compost-a-pak liners (8L) $5.50 Lismore residents
$11.95 non-residents
Sulo mini bins $5
Compost-a-pak liners (35L) $6.50 Gently nappy shell smalll $4.95
Compost-a-pak liners (60L) $12.50 Toy garbage truck $30
Compost-a-pak liners (80L) $13.50 Worm farm vents $75
Compost-a-pak liners (240L) $17.50 General Waste bin (recycled plastic) $12
Compost bin (52L) $52 Kitchen collector caddie (oval shape) $10.95
Bottle brush set $9.95 Kitchen caddy (square) $8
Click clack truck $12.95 Kitchen sulo caddie bracket $5.50
Cheeki drink bottle 350ml $13.95 Multisort 60L grey body $56
Cheeki drink bottle 500ml $15.95 Multisort lid red $25
Cheeki drink bottle 600ml (insulated) $24.95 Multisort lid yellow $25
Cheeki drink bottle 750ml $16.95 Multisort lid yellow $25
Cheeki Insulated food jar $24.20 Multisort lid yellow $25
Cheeki tea flask $19.95 Multisort lid yellow $25
Compost aerator $16.50 Pedal bin 30L yellow $60
Compost conditioner $7 Pedal bin 30L red $60
Compostable pots $5 Pedal bin 30L green $60
Compostable shopping bags $1.50 Pens (recycled ink cartridge) $1.50
BIOdog poop bags $6 Stay Fresh bin cleaner $10.50
Blue desktop bin (coreflute) small $10 Scrap happy compost bin $16
Blue desktop bin (coreflute) large $15 Sulo bin hitch $22
Eco silk bags $6.50 Tapex silage wrap bags $75
Eenee microfibre cloth nappies $29 Tapex twine recyling bags $40
Green bin 47L $56 Under desk dual bin $20
Indoor Bokashi composter $60 Worm blanket $7
Worm farm $75 Worm farm leg clips $4.50
Yellow recycling bucket $12 Worm farm tap and nut set $8.50
Red landfill bucket $12    
Keepcup plastic small $12    
Keepcup plastic medium $14    
Keepcup plastic large $16    
Keepcup glass small $22    
Keepcup glass medium $24    
Keepcup cork small $28    
Keepcup cork medium $30