Agricycle is our rural recycling program

Rural industries create waste that can be problematic to manage. Our rural recycling program, Agricycle, is designed to assist in the management of a number of rural wastes. We offer free drop-off at the Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre for silage wrap, chemical drums and set quantities of chemicals, oil and oil filters.

By recycling these wastes you ensure they do not damage your property and the local environment.

Silage Wrap

Silage wrap is made from linear low-density polyethylene and is fully recyclable. The wrap must be kept separate from twine and netting, shaken to remove any residue, dirt or hay and then rolled into a tight ball. Silage wrap will not be accepted for recycling if it has twine, netting or organic material mixed with it.

Farm Plastics

Farm plastics such as stockfeed and bulb bags can be dropped off free of charge. Please roll the bags into a tight ball.

Oil and Oil Filters

Used oil and oil filters are collected and recycled. Oil can be dropped off in containers up to 200 litres. There is a handling fee for oil volumes over 100 litres.

Oil filters are crushed to remove the residue oil and the casing is recycled. Residents can drop-off up to five oil filters for free at one time. There is a processing fee for larger volumes.


Up to 20 litres/20 kilograms can be dropped off free of charge at any one time. Volumes over 20 litres/20 kilograms will be accepted but charges will apply at a per kilogram rate. Unlabelled and marked chemicals are accepted.

Farm Drums

Both plastic and steel chemical drums of any size are collected and recycled. The plastic drums are made into new drums and wheelie bins. The steel drums are recycled as scrap steel. Drums must be triple rinsed and have lids removed. The drums will be inspected by Council staff.

For more information about Agricycle phone us on 1300 87 83 87.