What goes where?

Choose an item from our A-Z list and we will show you how to dispose of it

> A

Aerosol cans (empty) Aluminium cans Aluminium foil (clean) Aluminium foil (dirty)
Asbestos Ash (cigarettes) Ash (fire)

> B

Baby food pouches Baskets Batteries (dry cell) Batteries (household)
Batteries (vehicle) Beer 6-pack wrapper (plastic) Beer bottle lids Beer bottles
Biscuit packaging (inner tray) Biscuit packaging (outer wrapper) Bones Books
Bottle tops (put back on bottles) Bottles Branches & leaves Bread tags
Broken toys (plastic) Bubble wrap Building waste

> C

Cake trays (foam) Calculators Cameras Car parts
Car windscreens Carbon paper Cardboard Carpet
Cassette tapes CDs Cellophane Ceramics (cups, plates, bowls etc)
Cereal box inserts (plastic) Cereal boxes Chemicals Chinese take-away containers
Chip packets Cling film (clean) Cling film (dirty) Clothing basket (plastic)
Clothing/shoes Coffee cups (takeaway) Coffee pods Computer paper
Computers Concrete Cooking oil Corks
Cotton balls/buds Crockery Cups & saucers Cups (foam)
Cups (paper) Cups (plastic) Cutlery (plastic) Cutlery (steel)

> D

Disposable nappies Drink cans DVD players DVDs

> E

Egg cartons Electrical appliances Electrical goods Envelopes (window face)
eWaste (items with power cord attached) Eye glasses

> F

Fire extinguishers Flower pots Fluorescent light globes Foam boxes & trays
Foam meat trays (clean) Foam underlay Foam underlay Foil (clean)
Food cans Food scraps Fruit & vegie scraps Furniture

> G

Garbage Garden waste Gas bottles Glad wrap (clean)
Glad wrap (dirty) Glass (excluding windscreens) Glass jars & bottles Glasses (reading)
Grass clippings Grease trap waste Green waste

> H

Hair dye Household batteries

> I

Ice block sticks Ice cream containers & lids Ink & toner cartridges iPods

> J

Jar lids (metal) Jars (glass) Juice cartons Junk mail

> K

Kitchen appliances Kitchen scraps Kitty litter

> L

Laminated paper Laundry detergent bottles Leather items Leaves
Light bulbs & tubes (fluorescent) Light bulbs (non-fluorescent) Lighters

> M

Magazines Manure/animal droppings Matchboxes McDonald's rubbish (no food)
Meat scraps Meat trays (foam) Meat trays (plastic) Meat trays (with built-in absorbent pad)
Medical waste Medicine bottles (empty) Medicines (out of date or unwanted) Metal trays (oven)
Milk & juice cartons Milk & juice cartons Milk bottles Mirror glass
Mobile phones & accessories Motor oil Muesli bar wrappers (foil lined)

> N

Nails, bolts, screws Nappies (disposable) Needles Newspapers

> O

Office paper Oil (motor/kitchen) Oil filters

> P

Paint tins (dried out, up to 4L) Paint tins (full) Pallet wrap Paper towel
Paper towel inner roll (cardboard) Pens & pencils Pet food tins Phone books
Photos Picture frames Pipe (metal) Pipe (PVC)
Pizza boxes (clean) Pizza boxes (dirty) Plant cuttings Plant pots
Plastic bags Plastic containers (all kinds) Plastic strapping Plastic trays/baskets
Plastic wrappers Plate glass Polystyrene Popper juice/milk containers
Potting mix bags Pressure packs & steel lids Printer cartridges Pyrex (ovenware)

> R

Rags & old old clothes Razors (disposable) Rice cracker packaging (inner tray) Rice cracker packaging (outer wrap)

> S

Scrap metal (large) Scrap metal (small) Seedling containers (plastic) Serviettes
Shampoo bottles Sharps Shoes Smoke detectors
Soft drink bottles Soft drink cans Spirit bottles Sporting goods
Squeezie baby food pouches Squeezie yoghurt pouches Steel cans Steel sheet
Strawberry containers Straws (plastic) Styrofoam Syringes

> T

Take-away containers (plastic) Take-away containers (polystyrene) Tea bags Telephone books
Tetra Paks Timber (treated) Timber (untreated) Tin cans
Tissue paper Tissues Toilet paper plastic wrapper Toilet paper rolls
Toothbrushes Toothpaste tubes Toxic waste & chemicals Toys (plastic)
Treated pine Tyres

> V

Vacuum cleaner dust Vegetable scraps Vegie bags (mesh) Vegie bags (plastic)
Video cassette recorder Videos Vinyl (e.g. school bags)

> W

Wallpaper Waxed cardboard Waxed paper Weeds
Whitegoods Window glass Windscreens Wine bottles
Wine casks (foil) Wine corks Wire Wood/timber (with nails or fittings)
Wood/timber (with NO nails or fittings) Wrapping paper (paper) Wrapping paper (plastic)

> X


> Y

Yoghurt containers Yoghurt pouches